The Presence of God in Your Life

Have you ever desired to feel God’s presence in your life in a stronger and even more personal way than you do right now? Have you ever yearned for a closer relationship with Him or to have a walk like those you have read about in the Bible? Certainly your answer is a resounding, “Yes!” As true believers, we all have the desire to reside in a deeper fellowship with our heavenly Father. But the next question we should ask ourselves is, “What must I do to achieve this intimacy that I long for with my creator and savior?”

Through His infinite grace and love for us, God has already laid out the answers to our needs and questions in His word. Our need for fellowship with our Lord was created in us by Him, and the pattern and direction to attain that fellowship has been drawn out for us. In the principles and instructions of the wilderness tabernacle, which were given first to the children of Israel, we are able to follow our own clear path into the Holy of Holies.

Although these patterns are now centuries old, the truth and revelation of their meaning are as real for us today as they were when God spoke them to Moses. In this revealing teaching, your spirit will be awakened to the understanding of the very thing you have longed for: an everyday, life-long, intimate relationship with our messiah, Jesus.

This teaching is one among several brought forth from March 1993 to April 1995 by Dick Reuben to the congregation of Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida. This church was to soon become the host to the now, well known Pensacola Outpouring Revival and would see over four million people touched by God’s Holy Spirit. The leadership of Brownville Assembly attributes these very teachings with laying the foundation for this mighty move of God.

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