Holy Spirit Power



“Walking in and being led of the Holy Spirit.” How many times have you heard this phrase preached from the pulpit or the mouth of the evangelist, with little or no personal understanding of the true meaning of what is being said?

The person and workings of the Holy Spirit are probably the most misunderstood, misquoted, and misrepresented part of the truine Godhead. When the Comforter came from heaven to indwell us, God’s purpose was to lead us into all truth, instruct us in righteousness, and personally empower every believer.

This two-part teaching will teach you how to hear God’s voice and be led of the Spirit. God wants to empower you to recive an inpartation of revelation knowledge and to hear His voice. Today is your day to begin to walk in the same light of the Holy Spirit which Jesus walked.

Walk in the light of the Spirit as He did and get ready to do “Great” things for God!

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