God’s Secret Key to Hope and Love


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Want to know a secret….a God secret? Then you must read Dick Reuben’s new book, God’s Secret key to Hope and Love. This new book by Dick Reuben is a simple and easy to use 2-step, no fear approach to Spirit-led evangelism. Because it is 100% Biblically based and 100% God inspired, it is guaranteed to work 100% of the time.

  • Do you have an unsaved loved one?
  • Do you know of someone that needs a “Jesus” change in his or her life?
  • Have you ever been afraid to share the Gospel?
  • Has witnessing to the unsaved ever been difficult for you?
  • Have you ever wanted to be a more effective soul winner?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then God’s Secret Key to Hope and Love is the book for you – simple, fresh, Holy Spirit revealed insights into the world of Christian evangelism that really works. This is an outside of the box revelation, not another “knock-off” unscriptural program of evangelism that rarely bears fruit. Traditionalists may find this fresh approach to evangelism somewhat radical – if they find it radical to simply believe God’s word works.

In this new book by Dick Reuben you will find God ordained fundamentals. These are tried and proven patterns that have been overlooked for centuries. God’s Secret Key to Hope and Love is definitely different ,as you will learn how to remove the fear of evangelism and share Jesus openly. This Biblical, Holy Spirit plan for evangelizing is so easy to use, that anyone can immediately become a dynamic soul winner and never feel one twinge of fear.

If you read only one Christian book this year, then it is imperative that you read Dick Reuben’s new release God’s Secret Key to Hope and Love. Your unsaved loved ones will thank you. God’s Secret key to Hope & Love is a heaven sent “Rosetta Stone” for successful evangelism. God’s patterns generate the same result every time, no matter who uses them. Do not miss this opportunity to become better equipped in winning souls for Christ.

This wonderfully inspiring message also contains the remarkable testimony of Dick Reuben. Learn how God can take an outlaw biker, bound for hell, and give him not only eternal salvation but also a heart of compassion.

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