The Ephod



A Pattern for Powerful Faith

Through our salvation experience, we understand that it is by grace that we have been saved. As believers, we desire to move into a deeper understanding of God’s heart. But as we journey down the path that we refer to as our Christian walk, we come to know that it is by faith that we become stronger, wiser, and more fulfilled in our relationship with our Lord.

By studying the patterns of the tabernacle given to us by heaven, we are shown that God has moved His dwelling place from a temple made with hands, to now dwelling in His people through the power of the Holy Spirit. The robe of the ephod worn by the high priest speaks of the power and majesty of the Holy Spirit. Through the pattern of the ephod we can understand the power of the Holy Spirit in us and then begin to move in the fullness of our faith. In this inspirational teaching, you will learn about the believer’s blessing for sowing into God’s kingdom, the power of following the Father’s commandments, peace from relying on the Bible for answers and confirmation, our Holy Spirit strength and how to use it, plus how to maintain a spotless and righteous lifestyle according to the principals of God. During this message Dick Reuben will take you through a priesthood pattern and reveal through the inspired Word of God that,

“Faith is not just knowing that the Lord can do it, but that He will do it.”

This teaching is one among several brought forth from March 1993 to April 1995 by Dick Reuben to the congregation of Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida. This church was to soon become the host to the now, well known Pensacola Outpouring Revival and would see over four million people touched by God’s Holy Spirit. The leadership of Brownville Assembly attributes these very teachings with laying the foundation for this mighty move of God.

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