The Living Tabernacle



Due to the extreme importance of this teaching and the impact that it has already had on those who have viewed it, I felt that I should address each of you personally. There has been no greater experience during my ministry that I desire more to share with you than The Living Tabernacle.

For nearly forty years as both a teacher and student of the Word, I have taught and been taught on the subject of the Tabernacle of Moses. Even after decades of studying the concepts, precepts, types, and shadows found in the Tabernacle, I had never experienced what you are about to view. This new and dynamic teaching of God’s pattern, utilizing a full size living tabernacle setting, is a Holy Ghost revelation. The Living Tabernacle is not a projected overhead image or a miniature mock-up, but a complete working presentation of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness. These works of art were lovingly recreated by Dewey Miller, a modern day “Bezalel”.

Our original teaching series, the Pattern for Revival Fire, has been credited with laying the foundation for the renowned Pensacola Outpouring. In retrospect, the Pensacola Outpouring was only the beginning of God’s restoration of the Last Day’s church. To date the church has only encountered God in an “Outer Court” relationship. It is the Father’s intent to bring His Glory into His house that He might meet with His people in “Holy of Holies” intimacy.

During The Living Tabernacle reenactment you will walk with Levitical priests serving in the tent of meeting. You will come face-to-face with full scale Tabernacle furniture and fixtures. You will understand, through eye-opening personal experience, the deep revelation of heavenly patterns handed down by God. This “Revelationary” presentation also brings new insightful knowledge to the restoration and reestablishment of the Tabernacle of David.

This four-night, five disk presentation of The Living Tabernacle will take you on a journey like none other. From the Brazen Altar, to the table of God’s presence, to the return of His glory and the Ark of the Covenant, you will experience the patterns of Heaven. And as we know, in your church, in your family, and in your life, “When the Pattern is Right the Glory Will Fall”. My prayer for you is that you will be encouraged, blessed, and restored as you experience The Living Tabernacle.

  • The Brazen Altar and the Laver
  • Table of Shewbread
  • Golden Altar of Insense
  • The Return of the Ark – Part 1
  • The Return of the Ark – Part 2

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